Many of you may never have planned a class like this, so we want to be as helpful to you as we can. Here is a short outline to help you get going.

Step-by-Step, Where to Start?

Step 1 – Establish Feasibility
Step 2 – Gather Information
Step 3 – Create Plan of Action for T.A.K.E. Defense Class
Step 4 – Execute the Plan
Step 5 – T.A.K.E. Defense Class Day
Step 6 – Follow up

Step 1 — Establish Feasibility

  • Find your internal support group and form committees or work groups.
  • Find external support groups such as other chapters and campus organizations.
  • Determine the number of women you expect may attend so the class can be realistically supported..
  • Securing the venue may seem easy but it historically is one of the biggest challenges. Plan early.
  • Review all budget costs. (Many chapters and organizations set a minimum donation they would like to give to T.A.K.E. Defense. Please refer to our fundraising page for ideas.)

Step 2 — Gather Information

  • Learn more about T.A.K.E. Defense by utilizing the information on this website.
  • Reach out to women’s groups within your community and on your campus to see if they would be interested in getting involved.
  • Utilize all the information on our university tour pages within this website to learn more about what other chapters and organizations have done to be successful.

Step 3 — Create a Plan of Action

  • Create a task list / timeline.
  • Secure a venue.
  • Market the class.
  • Meet and discuss each component of the class with committee or work group.
  • Define all actions necessary, who will complete them and completion target dates.
  • Create a list of resources.
  • Create a contact list.
  • Post class information such as photos, fundraising, and class details will be requested from T.A.K.E. Defense to highlight you on our university tour pages.

Step 4 — Execute the Plan

  • Review progress against timeline.
  • Share information and ideas with work group.
  • Coordinate tasks.
  • Troubleshoot.
  • Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Step 5 — Class Day

  • Be early for everything.
  • Be in contact with T.A.K.E. Defense trainers as they are in a new environment and will rely on you for directions and guidance.
  • Be sure to thank everyone involved in the class.
  • Troubleshoot any questions or problems.
  • Plan to participate in the self defense yourself.
  • Allow time for setup and cleanup.

Step 6 — Follow up

  • Meet with committee or work group to discuss successes and difficulties. Create a list of potential improvements for your next T.A.K.E. Defense class.
  • Donation check should be sent as soon as possible to: The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation 6518 Vista Dr., Shawnee, KS 66218.
  • Return all rented or borrowed materials.
  • Information for university tour page coordinated with T.A.K.E. Defense office.