Ali Kemp faced a promising future. An honors student at Kansas State University, she enjoyed poetry, playing sports and being with friends and family. But her life came to a tragic end when a man brutally beat and murdered her at the neighborhood pool in Leawood, Kan. For more than two years, an unrelenting manhunt ensued — resulting in the killer’s capture. This is the story of Ali, her family’s dedication to finding her killer and preventing other women across the country from such horrible crimes by creating the nation’s first free self-defense program for women.

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Part of the proceeds of this book will go to The Ali Kemp Foundation to teach self-defense training to women across the country.

About the Author

James Kirkpatrick Davis is the author of Spying on America: The FBI’s Domestic Counterintelligence Program (Praeger, 1992). His book Assault on the Left: The FBI and the Sixties Antiwar Movement (Praeger, 1997) won honorable mention from the American Association of University Women Kansas City for the best nonfiction book of the year. Kirkpatrick is a graduate of Michigan State University.