T.A.K.E. Defense Training

It’s more than Girl Power. It's You Power! Whether it's going to the bookstore, soccer practice or home, you have the right to feel safe wherever you go.  Your generous donation allows us to...

Train a Women Save a Life


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The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation

This is the story of Ali Kemp, it was just more then a school project. It was a chance to honor Ali and for everything she did.  She had a dream and a purpose and was too young to leave this earth. 

Lend a Hand

Want to help? Find out more about volunteering. You can also donate to the T.A.K.E. Foundation here - our sincere "thank you" in advance .

Take Care of You

What happened to Ali Kemp could happen to you. But we're trying to make sure it doesn't. In Ali's honor, we've created a foundation to equip women of all ages with the resources they need to feel safe. From a highly successful safety awareness program to educational scholarships, we're here to let Ali's legacy thrive. Learn more about Ali and The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation.