Arm yourself with all the information you need to bring T.A.K.E. Defense Training to your campus.  No matter what organization you represent, our tool kits offer step -by-step instructions on how to gather the right information, raise money for your event, create a plan of action and so much more.


The T.A.K.E. team would like to give Pi Beta Phi sorority a special thands for all of its dedication and effort to advance safety awareness among women, including creating the easy-to-follow sorority tool kit below.


Download the tool kit that's right for your organization.





This is the tool kit that was designed by the Pi Beta Phi sorority for other Pi Beta Phi sororities.




Download Pi Beta Phi Tool Kit






This tool kit will contain most of the information from the Pi Beta Phi kit, but with the references removed that are specific to their sorority.  This information would be helpful for all other sororities as well as any fraternaties that are interested in scheduling an event!





Fraternities and Men's Group Toolkit


For fraternaties and men's groups that would like to help out by hosting an event,  please check out our tri-fold flyer that contains information that might help you in your effort!


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