University of Wisconsin
Pi Phi, Sig Ep
November 4, 2012

Amount Raised


How We Did it

Amount raised: $2,500
Every year we include about $3,800 in our budget to provide for a health and wellness or safety program for out members. We had done a workshop with TAKE in the past and received very positive feedback, so we knew that not only was it in our budget to host a TAKE event, but that it would be well received by our chapter members. Event planning started at the beginning of the semester by using the resources available on the TAKE website. After determining what needed to be organized, we worked to organize a date that would work for our chapter, the TAKE staff, as well as the venue. The date and time were set, created a shirt design, and made sure that our chapter knew the value of TAKE. The day of the event was obviously the highlight, since there's been several safety concerns in the Madison area lately. Several of the members who attended expressed their gratitude for the program, since they believed it would truly make a difference. Jill, Bob, and the rest of the TAKE staff were also extremely nice and helpful, so working with them was a highlight as well!

Event Photos