Texas Christian University
Pi Phi, ADPi, Sig Ep
March 8, 2012

Amount Raised


How We Did it

Donations and T-shirt sales
Amount raised: $2,500
We raised $2,500, which was our goal donation. To accomplish this we sold t-shirts to our members and the ADPi Chapter. The t-shirts were sold for $10 each so we made about $4 per t-shirt totaling $595. We also received donations from the Sig Ep Chapter, the IFC council, and smaller donations from other Greek Chapters, totaling $1,905. Next year, we are looking to do a fundraising night at a local restaurant as well. We host the event with ADPi and Sig Ep. ADPi helps with both promotion and fundraising. Sig Ep mostly just donates money (we haven’t found a good way to incorporate them yet). We could not put this on without them! Our event was held in our University Union Ballroom so we were able to promote through the University. They posted our flier in the weekly bulletin and let us publicize around campus. We also created a Facebook event and spoke at each sorority’s Chapter Meeting about the event. This resulted in a great turnout of girls from other sororities.

Event Photos