Kansas State University
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September 23, 2010

Amount Raised


How We Did it

Ali Kemp Bandstand
Amount raised: $1,950
Every year the Kansas Beta chapter of Pi Beta Phi holds the T.A.K.E self defense class at Kansas States recreational complex. Students from all organizations on campus participate in this class taught by Bob and Jill Leiker. The class gives real life situations in which girls will need to know how to defend themselves in order to save their life. Shortly after the self defense class is the benefit concert usually held at a concert venue in Manhattan. This past year Kelly James and Laura Wetzel performed. Kelly James is an artist who travels to sororities and fraternities all over the country. He has also performed with Lil Jon, Mike Posner, and many other professional artists. Laura Wetzel is a K-State student who performs at coffee shops around town. This years Ali Kemp Bandstand was successful and raised $1950 by selling t-shirts to bandstand. The defense class was free and the tshirts were $15. We also accepted donations from local businesses. We will continue to hold this philanthropic event for Ali. She is special to each and every one of us.

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