Arizona State University
Pi Phi, ADPi, Sig Ep
September 16, 2010

Amount Raised


How We Did it

Amount raised: $2,500
On September 16, the Vice President of Communications for Pi Beta Phi hosted The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation self defense workshop. Throughout this past year, Veronica was able to communicate with the foundation, choose a date that coincided with our calendars, plan the logistics of the program, and execute the event successfully. AZ Beta was so excited to bring and host T.A.K.E at Arizona State University because of its wonderful purpose and powerful story to continue Ali Kemp’s legacy. This event was co-hosted with Sigma Phi Epsilon, who were extremely supportive and helpful throughout the planning process. To fundraise for this event, we contacted our University and requested to have money be given to us to help execute this wonderful event. Sigma Phi Epsilon and Pi Beta Phi then split the difference. The event was located at a gym located on Arizona State University’s campus and began at 6:30pm for registration and ended at 9pm. Veronica executed the event by having two tables set up to hand out booklets, flyers and waivers the girls attending needed to fill out before they could enjoy the workshop. The wonderful self defense instructors, Jill and Bob Leiker, flew into Arizona State University that morning and taught the women several helpful tricks and safety instructions. This event was a free two-hour session that gave women the knowledge, confidence, and empowerment they will need if ever in a situation compromising their safety. We had amazing attendance with a total of 275 Pi Beta Phi, Greek, and non-Greek women. It was a huge success and all who attended were impressed by the workshop, and felt confident in their self defense abilities. After the event took place, Veronica helped Jill and Bob Leiker by sending out a survey to all the sororities that attended to give their personal feedback about the program. This was a unique program for Panhellenic because it was a self defense program that has a connection to the Greek community because of the Pi Beta Phi, Ali Kemp, who was murdered.

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