Something to strive for


We have different missions for different aspects of our organization. But they're all for the same reason: Ali. Read on to see what we stand for.



T.A.K.E. Foundation Mission


The mission of The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation is: (i) to ensure that the values and spirit Ali stood for live on; (ii) to increase safety awareness in young girls and women and; (iii) to encourage volunteerism in our community.



T.A.K.E. Defense Training Mission


To provide high-quality, appropriate, reality-based self-defense training to girls and women at low or no cost.



T.A.K.E. Defense Training Vision Statement


T.A.K.E. Defense Training will be known as one of the nation's premier programs that provide hands-on skills and internet-directed information for girls and women, to equip them with personal self-defense skills, and to make this training available to all who desire it, regardless of physical or financial limitations.